ATD Performance Training combines sports science and strength training to create soccer specific programs designed to enhance the resilience and movement quality of our athletes.


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YEAR Round


Team Training

We provide top quality performance training for teams of all levels, girls and boys. Training programs are periodized for 10 week cycles aimed to progress each individual athlete in a team atmosphere.

Packages include:

  • Seasonal: 10 week cycles (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)

  • Yearly packages


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Individual Training

We offer personal and small group weight training sessions with our certified strength and conditioning specialist, Alessandro Ciarla.  As players move on to high school and college programs, weight training becomes a part of their training regimen as mandated by their coaches. Players will be noticed if they arrive with an understanding of how to weight train and the value of doing so.

Our program will educate attendees on the importance of weight training in relation to staying healthy and competitive in the modern game. Proper form and technique will be taught by our experienced staff, who will be on hand to work with small groups and maintain a safe training environment for the players attending.

Cost:        $50 per session

Location:  East Side Athletic Performance

                  8005 Cessna Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Time:        Please contact us at for more info



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Work with former Howard University and DC United Prospect KC Hersey during the off-season to develop the fundamentals of becoming an elite goalkeeper. During the in-season, you will have the opportunity to work with Howard University Goalkeeper Trainer, Matt Arrington. This supplemental training will help refine technique and sharpen reaction times for the developing Goalkeeper. 


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Speed • Agility • Quickness

Program designed for athletes 8-16 years of age. Coordination and movement efficiency is a priority for younger groups, while older groups focus on explosive resistance exercises. 


All SAQ programs will be given special attention to:

  • Learning proper functional movement mechanics (running, jumping, landing, changing direction)

  • Strengthening stabilizing muscles in knees/ankles/hips to increase balance and resilience

  • Visual and auditory reaction work to increase mental quickness

  • Increase explosive speed by learning how to properly transfer force from muscles into the ground

  • ACL prevention by refining proper cutting mechanics, and learning how to load our muscles, not our joints!

  • Coordination work that will sync upper and lower body movements when running, jumping, and changing direction



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