New Logo for Arrington Training & Development

     Arrington Training & Development is thrilled to introduce the organization's new logo. After weeks of discussion, design, and adjustments, the logo was finalized and prepared for introduction. The design represents ATD brilliantly. The fluidity of the player represents our  teams' style of play and our philosophy that each one of our players should be creative with the ball and play freely. The bold and powerful print of "ATD" within the design represents the strength and determination that we demand each of our players and teams have on the field of play. The seamless connection between the two parts perfectly depicts the combination of the two philosophies. 

     Arrington Training & Development had the pleasure of working with Milkshake Studio (Brooklyn, NY) on this design. Creative designer Simon Goetz worked in collaboration with ATD to create a design that best represented the organization's beliefs, philosophy, culture, and style. It was an enduring process, but we at ATD are excited for the crest to be displayed on the chest of everyone associated with our organization.

Visit online to contact or for more information on Milkshake Studio.