June 2013

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          Arrington Training & Development Founder Matthew Arrington happily accepted an invitation from Right to Dream's Director, Harry Adekpui, to view the academy's operation for ten days. After a day's worth of travel, Arrington arrived in Akasombo, Ghana to be greeted by the players, coaches, and staff alike. "We hit the ground running. I arrived late at night to the academy and was on the field immediately the next morning watching the boys train and play in friendly matches," Arrington said of his trip. He also went on the note the exceptional hospitality that was provided to him by the Academy staff and players, "The level of play among their teams is exceptionally high within each age group. Almost just as impressive though, is the strength of character and the level of repect I saw from every single player. It's entirely molded by the staff and coaches involved. I've never seen anything like it." Arrington's trip lasted ten days during which he watched each age group train on a daily basis as well as being lucky enough to see them play a match. He was also complimented with the rare chance to run a practice session for the U11 boys team. "It was a special experience," Arrington said of the practice, "It's a wonderful thing to coach players of that quality. I kept trying to challenge them more and more as we went through the session because each time I raised the level of play, they adjusted without hesitation. I think I was more challenged than they were!" Arrington Training & Development remains in contact with the Right to Dream Academy and is in talks to have a continuing partnership with their organization. Manchester City recently finalized an agreement with Right to Dream making the Ghanaian organization one of their primary feeder academies. 

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You can find more information on the Right to Dream Academy on their website, www.academy.righttodream.com/